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Doing Our Part To Keep Our Community       and Our World a Healthier Place!

Keeping Howard County and surrounding communities safe and healthy!
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Here at Dimensional Hair Studio it is a priority  to keep the environment, all individuals in our community, and our world as healthy as possible; that is why we have partnered with an amazing organization called Matters Of Trust.Org

They have five main programs.

The program that best fits us is the

Clean Wave Program 

This program takes donated hair to turn them into hair mats for oils spills. These mats can be used for multipurpose uses such as oil, grease,

diesel, gasoline, jet fuel, chemicals, antifreeze, solvents, coolant and other hydrocarbons

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Clean Wave hair mats check so many boxes. They are a renewable resource solution that grows right in front of our eyes. Hair is an environmentally friendly resource that can soak up around five times it's weight in oil. A single hair mat can absorb up to 1.5 gallons of oil.

While this is a  great partnership, we also do in house recycling of all plastic bottles, plastic glasses, coffee cups, soda cans, and all cardboard.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

in everyway we can.

Photo Credit- Matters of and Erik Mclean
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