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The true salon classics and more.

When booking, if you are a new client please book for a New client Consultation plus your service, if you have long hair please book accordingly. This allows for enough time to provide the service requested and helps you become your beautiful self.
Please note ALL SERVICES ARE A' la cart pricing

Haircut & Style

Our haircut services begin with a personalized consultation where we go over your desired result, maintenance, and product recommendation. Then on to a relaxing and pampering shampoo with a warm towel around your shoulders, where you can put your feet up, and close your eyes. After your shampoo and a hydrating conditioner, with a lite scalp massage you will be rinsed with perfect temperature water and then a warm towel wrapped around your head before heading back to your stylist.  Followed by a personalized haircut and style that best suits your desired result and that you are able to maintain at home! You are usually in the salon for a 30-60 min time frame.


 Women's cut $68.00 +      Men's cut $40.00 +


Customized Color Services

Root Touch-Up:

Our root touch up services is perfect for the guest with no more than 1 inch of regrowth, anymore then 1 inch will be considered a Total Color Balancing. This is a solid or all over color maintenance and not for brightening up highlights. This service should be maintained every 4-6 weeks. You will be in the salon around 1-3 hours.                                   $68.00+


Total Color Balancing:

This service is great for the guest who has not been to the salon for a while and has more than 1 inch of regrowth or for the guest that is looking for Total Color Balancing. This service will have all of your hair covered with color not just your root area. This service should be maintained at a 10-12 week. You will be in the salon around 1-4 hours.

Price determined upon consultation 

Total Platinum Enhancement:

This service is for the guest that wants their hair platinum in color. This service will need to be maintained every 4-6 weeks. This service is commitment to maintenance, time, and an investment of quality products is a must. You can be in the salon for 2-5 hours.

Price determined upon consultation.

Clear Shine Enhancement:

This service is for the client that is feeling like their hair is dull and needs a little body. The result will fade- off the hair in 4-6 weeks. You will be in the salon for 1-2 hours.            $35.00+                         

Root color with layered haircut
Client embracing their gray but enhanced with color

Classic Highlighting

 During our traditional full highlight service we use a foiling technique to cover the majority of your hair. This service is best for the guest that likes the highlight coming out from the root as close as possible. This service should be maintained according to the plan that your stylist has made just for you. You can plan on being in the salon for 2-4 hours for this service.   $130.00+                                                                

mother and daughter with classic traditional highlights

Classic Partial Highlighting

 Our partial highlighting service includes the same foiling technique as a full highlight service except only the hair on top of your head and face framing areas will be foiled with getting as close as possible from the root area. You will be in the salon for 1.5-3 hours for this service.     $100.00+                             

Classic highlight layered bob

Tone and Glaze

A tone or glaze service is for the guest that wants to refresh their color or wants to add that extra shine to their hair. This service is also great for the guest that has any Hand Painted Services or traditional highlights. This is for those who are not looking to cover gray. This client can do this service every 4-6 weeks.                   $35.00+                          

Shine added by a gloss or toner

Texturizing services

Our texturizing services will consist of a consultation with one of our specialists' stylists to determine what kind of texturizing services would best suit you to give you that extra bounce, texture or the amount of straightness you desire. Our texturizing services include Perms, Brazilian Blow outs, & Keratin Treatments.                    $100.00+

straightening hair keratin treatment

Blow Dry & Style

Our Blow dry & Style services will include a relaxing and euphoric shampoo with your feet up for extra comfort, a warm towel around your neck, and another towel wrapped around your head before being taken to your stylist to begin with a blow dry and style of your that will leave you feeling fabulous and brings out your beautiful self! You will be in the salon 1-1.5 hours        $42.00

layered bob with dimensional color highlights


Providing temporary hair removal by using a wax

material. During your service you are on a comfy massage bed that has a protective paper sheet overtop a soft blue blanket. During your service you will have warm towels provided to keep you comfortable. After your service you will receive after care instructions and a maintenance routine. The price for this service varies according to the service. Please see our waxing page for pricing.

We offer all waxing services by Taylor

Still not sure what service you are looking for? No problem give us a call and our appointment coordinators will assist you scheduled for the correct service.
*Please note all pricing is A' la cart.*

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