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Embrace The Beauty Of Waxing

 Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, radiant skin! At  Dimensional Hair Studio, we believe that a proper waxing routine can enhance your client experience in more ways than one!


Are you tired of the never-ending battle with razors and want a long-lasting solution for silky smooth skin? Our gentle waxing routine not only removes unwanted hair but also promotes smoother, healthier looking skin. Say hello to a more radiant you!

Confidence starts with feeling good in your own skin. Our waxing routine helps you unleash your inner goddess, empowering you to embrace your beauty with grace and confidence all while being in a relaxing atmosphere!

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Shaving VS Waxing

Shaving is a quick and convenient way to remove body hair at the surface. However, regrowth can be seen in as soon as the following day.

Waxing removes body hair from the root, giving you weeks of smooth, healthy, skin. With waxing the regrowth becomes finer and softer over time!

Eye Brow (15 min)       $20.00                                
Upper Lip (15min)       $15.00

Chin (10min)              $15.00

Lip & Chin (15min)      $30.00

Face (20min)              $45.00

Bikini (15min)             $40.00  

Brazilian (30min)        $70.00

Full Leg (45min)         $80.00

Half Leg (20min)        $40.00


Waxing Menu

Full Arm (30min)        $50.00
Half Arm (15min)       $25.00

Underarm (20min)      $30.00

Nose  (15min)            $15.00

Ears (15min)               $20.00

Chest (30min)            $45.00

Back (45min)              $65.00

Fingers (10min)           $10.00

Toes (10min)               $10.00 

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